Tip 1

101 Guitar Tips: Tip 1

This tip is most relevant for beginners. Have you started to learn the basic open chords? The usual first chords most people learn will be G,D,C , Aminor and probably Eminor too. At this stage the coordination needed to fret the chords and strum at the same time can seem a challenge. Often the speed at which you can go between two chords is slow and playing a song in time seems a long way off.  So what can you do to get beyond this and actually start playing tunes?

Well, the easiest way is to forget about your right/strumming hand and just concentrate on your left/fretting hand. Practice moving between chords without actually playing them, simply fret them. For example, make a shape of a GMajor chord and try and move to an Eminor chord. With practice the time that each change takes you will reduce. Once you’re able to move confidently and swiftly between chords try introducing the right/strumming hand and simply play each chord once and then move straight to the next one. This is proven to work and will certainly help reduce your frustration!

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