Gypsy Style Licks

I’ve been working on my jazz vocabulary recently and have decided to share some of these lines. Some of these take inspiration from Charlie Christian whilst others are my own lines. There are a mixture of Major sixth lines, dominant 7th and pentatonic style lines.

Jazz Licks for Lulu Swing PDF

It can be quite hard learning new lines and actually putting them to use in jam or gig situation. I think the following helps:

  • Learn them in more than one key and more than one position
  • Analyse what is going on harmonically e.g is it just chord tones or are there extensions/chromatic notes etc?
  • Practice them in a context of a song. For these licks I’ve applied them to the gypsy jazz standard ‘Lulu Swing’

I hope they are of use to some budding gypsy jazz players out there! Dennis Chang (Canadian Gypsy Jazz educator) has a great YouTube backing track for practice use which can be found here. A link to a chord chart can be found here. To leave you here is a video of Django’s grandson David and Sammy Daussat playing ‘Lulu Swing’.