5 Signs that you should change your strings

‘How often should I change my strings?’ – is a question I often get asked. The truth is there is no set amount of time, for every player it will be different. There are a number of factors that affect the longevity of guitar strings with some of them being:

  • How much you play the instrument
  • Where you store the instrument
  • If you wipe down the guitar strings after you have played (This is important for players that sweat a lot when they play!)
  • How much you sweat

The following are signs that you need to change your strings:

  • The strings aren’t staying in tune
  • They have lost their shiny colour/look duller
  • You might notice dirty points where the string is tarnished
  • They feel rougher
  • The tone of your guitar is duller than normal (this is more noticeable on acoustics).

As you become more experienced you will come to spot these signs more easily.