Mister Sandman

I recently uploaded a video of yours truly trying out a Chet Atkins style song. Chet Atkins was a thumb picker in the travis picking style. Having never used a thumb pick, I did give this a try, but soon realised I’d have to start with something simpler, when all I wanted to do was play this tune! I might go back to the thumb pick for a Tommy Emmanuel tune that I’d like to learn.

As with any travis picking song that combines chords and melody, I find it easier to always commit the chord structure/chord shapes to memory first. This makes the piece much easier to memorise. There are some pretty big stretches in this one too, for anyone else attempting it, try lowering your thumb on the back of the neck of the guitar. For this I used a Gibson 330, plugged straight into Logic.  Today was the first time I’d put a new set of strings on this guitar. The bigsby certainly makes it a frustrating experience! I’m I will get used to it, but wouldn’t want to break a string at a gig with this guitar.