Recent Gig rig


I have been playing some dates recently with Bristol based band Moscow Drug Club. Thought I’d share my rig from a recent show. Here I am using my John le Voi oval hole that is my main guitar for gigging. This is going through an AER via an audio technical AT31B clip on mic. Really pleased with the sound of this mic, really helps capture the sound of the instrument. At the odd gig I have ran into feedback problems, but 9/10 it works for me without having to resort to the bridge piezo pickup (bigtone). I have no love for the bigtone, it is pure functionality and offers a very bland sound (and this guitar sounds anything but bland!).

For a few electric numbers I used my ’59 330 reissue with factory fitted bigsby. This was going through the Fender Deluxe reverb ’65 reissue. For anyone considering a deluxe, it is far too much volume for home use, but for this particular gig it was perfect. People say Fender twins are heavy, but so is this to lug around! I find the vibrato a bit noisy when playing solo, but with a band the noise isn’t audible. It’s like a ticking noise as I presume the effect is applied even when you’re note playing. The amp has a wonderful clean tone and the combination of Gibson into a Fender amp always sounds good to my ears!

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