Taking up an instrument is a mixture of excitement and bewilderment. To help beginners I’ve put together a mini guide called ‘Taking up the Guitar’.  Download the document for advice on:

  • What instrument to buy? Acoustic v Electric
  • Where to purchase from?  Local guitar shop vs Internet
  • What accessories you will need
  • Practice

Click HERE to download.

I find beginners regularly have questions outside of lessons too – to help support you whilst learning I’m happy to field emails between lessons, no matter how small the question!

Beginner’s curriculum

Whenever possible I will try and use songs/artists that you are interested, that said I also have a beginner’s curriculum which covers essential aspects of playing. This curriculum is designed to ensure you develop all of the essential skills and knowledge to help you progress.

Finally, I have been teaching beginners for a long time, I am very patient, will encourage you and provide you with many tips that the internet or a book just won’t tell you!