Here is what some of my students have to say about their experience of guitar lessons with me.

Emlyn (College student progressing onto to study music at BIMM)

‘I started lessons with Andy after 10 years of playing guitar and found that, with his extensive knowledge and skill in many genres, styles, techniques and also music theory, there was a lot more for me to learn! I now know a lot more about chord structure, rhythm, harmony and scales, as well as feeling a lot more confident with techniques such as bends and octaves and I have been able to learn and understand many more songs and riffs under Andy’s guidance. All in all Andy offers a comprehensive, supportive and fun lesson style to any guitarist!’


I had been having lessons with a different teacher for five years when I decided I’d like to take a grade. Andy and I got on straight away and I always felt encouraged and uplifted no mater how well I was doing. I took my grade three acoustic guitar exam in April and got a distinction. Woo Hoo! I knew no theory before my lessons with Andy and I found his teaching very clear and understandable. He had many well prepared and thought out handouts for me to work from as well as audio work too. I might add that before I found Andy I had spent 4 weeks trying to do this before with another teacher who made no sense to me whatsoever so I could see a clear difference straightaway between Andy and the other teacher. What’s great about Andy is that he is really passionate about the subject without making you feel like an absolute beginner. I have learned so much which I didn’t realise I was able to, especially the audio tests and working out the songs for myself, without Andy’s help I would ever have attempted that and now I’m quite good at it.


I had 4 extremely enjoyable years of lessons with Andy, at various times covering both acoustic and electric guitar and culminating in scoring 95% in an acoustic grade 3 exam. Andy is very dedicated with seemingly endless patience (to get me through an exam with that pass mark he would have to have).  His knowledge of the guitar, both in theory and practice, is impressive.   If you have any interest in playing the guitar I would definitely recommend Andy as a teacher.

 Henry ( achieved Grade 8 Merit)

“I have been having lessons with Andy and during the time he has been teaching me I feel that not only my playing has improved but my understanding of song structure and chord structure has progressed. I’m finally getting to grips with the theoretical side of things (scales, chords, terminology etc.) This is due to the structure of his lessons and teaching style.  He never teaches you a song without delving in to the mind of the person who wrote it, explaining why this artist used ‘that chord to  change to that chord’, and what forms ‘that chord’, or ‘how that riff works over those chords’. If you are into blues, rock, jazz, you name  it and Andy can play it. The lessons are fun, informative and fulfilling, and he never shy’s away from having an end of lesson jam session :)”

 Tim ( Retired, learning Jazz and Blues)

“Most ‘guitar teachers’ I have known were self-taught guitarists who had little idea how to teach. But Andy is a ‘proper’ teacher who prepares material that provides just the right challenge, at the right level for his students. He really motivated me and I’ve made real progress under his guidance.”


Andy is amazing at playing and teaching the guitar. He manages to direct the lessons using your tastes and interests in music; whilst teaching the techniques with the perfect amount of challenge. He also answers any questions I have, even if I don’t really understand myself what I’m trying to ask; and has a truly impressive selection of guitars. He is really great:)))

Andy is a fantastic teacher who shows true passion for the guitar and takes great pride in seeing your improvement. Not only is he a brilliant guitarist his teaching style is very relaxed, patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend him as a teacher!

I have been learning guitar with Andy for about 16 months and I started as a complete beginner. He got me through the frustrating first stages of learning guitar by being patient and encouraging and I feel like I have made real progress with Andy’s guidance. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about learning guitar. 🙂



I had been playing acoustic guitar for a number of years but I wanted to develop my playing abilities, improve my knowledge of music and widen my styles of pIaying. I studied with Andy for my RGT grades 3 and 5 and thanks to his structural approach to teaching, together with his patience, and a genuine enthusiasm for guitar playing, I gained successes in my grades and enjoyed the challenges along the way.

I’d been playing guitar for many years to a decent standard , however I had become stuck in a rut and decided to get some lessons to help me move on. I contacted Andy and I opted to take some jazz lessons. A complete departure for me but such an interesting music to learn.
What was immediately apparent to me was Andy’s enjoyment of teaching. I found the lessons to be challenging but Andy’s patient approach gradually paid off and I found my playing improving beyond recognition over a period of time. I stuck around for a good few years and gained invaluable knowledge of a wealth of different scales, all of which I use regularly in the band(s) I’ve recently joined.  My playing is is way more advanced than it was and I feel very confident in a band environment these days. Highly recommend. If you put the work in you’ll get a lot out