Sweet Georgia Brown

Haven’t shared much on here from the main band I play in, Swing from Paris.  Last night we had a band practice and decided to arrange this old jazz standard from the 1920s. Here is the end result:


Wes Montgomery: Mi Cosa


A student of mine put me onto this wonderful instrumental by Wes Montgomery, called Mi Cosa (My Thing in Spanish). Wes apparently recorded this in 1963 but it lay unused as an unaccompanied guitar piece for some time.

Guitar: 2015 D’angellico Exl1. The guitar is plugged into logic using the clean jazz setting. Didn’t fancy getting out the mics today…

2-5-1 Licks

Check out my PDF with 5 licks for the most common chord progression in jazz; the 2-5-1.

Most of these feature altered tones/ trio tones. I would suggest practicing them in the the following way:

  • Learn in every key
  • Try to find them in different positions
  • Play along to a backing track that moves in the circle of fifths

Happy playing!

251 licks

All Blues

all blues

Following on from my post about ‘So What’ I thought I’d post a lead sheet for the Miles Davis tune ‘All Blues’.  A blues, but not in your average 12 bar format, this tune is in 6/8.  This song is great for those starting out at playing jazz. The original recording on ‘Kind of Blue’ is so iconic it is often played as an exact copy.

I’ve notated the riff in two positions and also the melody in single note and octave form.

All Blues 2