Tip 4: Don’t get stuck in the box ;)

One aspect of the guitar that makes it easy for beginners to make good progress is the way the guitar lends itself well to patterns. Many budding players can solo using major and minor scales by just knowing a scale pattern.  The pattern means that often, guitar players might not even know what notes they are playing! The other downside of a pattern, is the way it restricts creativity. To many players or teachers look at the guitar neck horizontally rather than vertically.

When learning scales, most people will start off with either a G or C major scale. The most common pattern to start with in G would be this one:

While tab is great, as it’s easy to understand and follow, it really is worth learning the notes names at the same time as learning the scale. The G major scale is as follows:

G(root)   A    B    C     D      E    F#    G


Ok, so now you know the note names how is that going to help you play outside of the box? My tip is to play the scale on each string. This means starting on the 3rd fret on the low E and playing the scale in one full octave until you reach G at the 15th fret on the same string. Do this on each string and eventually this will open the entire neck to you rather than one little box!